Monday, February 21, 2011

Fernbank NatureQuest Opens March 19, 2011

Big TreeGet ready to explore the nooks and crannies of a multi-level clubhouse. Shimmy up spiraling netting to discover the insides of a mighty red oak tree. Walk through a virtual waterfall and investigate the rock work and live animals behind it. This new, exiting exhibition at Fernbank Museum of Natural History will be a hit for families everywhere.

A few updates and highlights of Fernbank NatureQuest:

* There are trees “growing” in the exhibition! Fernbank NatureQuest will be filled with nature-inspired trees, plants and more. Children love to climb big, sturdy trees, so they’ll be excited to see there are opportunities to explore a cypress tree and a red oak from the ground up!

* The virtual river that flows through the exhibition has been installed. Two areas of the river include special “motion recognition software” that allows visitors to “dip” a toe in the water and see how the fish respond. Will they scatter? Will they swim up to greet you?

* Work is nearly complete on the kids’ clubhouse. This unique “fort” will offer multiple levels of exploration and opportunities for programming such as storytelling.

* A theme throughout Fernbank NatureQuest is to discover what lives in each of the habitats. Live animals will live within many of the habitats featured in the exhibition, but visitors will have to discover them by investigating each region. A few of their live nature ambassadors have already moved in at Fernbank while their new homes are being built!

For more information and to see photos of the work-in-progress, visit Fernbank Museum of Natural History. 


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