Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Water Exhibition Set To Make A Splash with Visitors At Fernbank Museum

Fernbank Museum of Natural History is ready to make a splash with the new special exhibition Water: H2O=Life, opening October 2, 2010. Visitors will look beneath the surface, above the clouds and all around the world as they discover the amazing and vital role of water—from sustaining life to shaping the Earth’s peaks and canyons.

Filled with interactive stations—from building your own dam to playing a water quiz show, and from seeing live animals suited for various water conditions to using a video microscope to explore what comes out of the tap—Water engages visitors throughout the exhibition as they are challenged to reconsider the way they view and manage this life-giving, but finite, resource.

Water reveals the beauty and essential nature of our planet’s lifeblood using imaginative presentation techniques, including a 68-inch globe displaying satellite images and 3-D video of the Earth as well as walk-through dioramas that give visitors a firsthand experience of the power and importance of water. Along the way, the exhibition addresses the compelling issues surrounding water quality and availability that are facing today’s societies and ecosystems. Live tetras, frogs and mudskippers provide opportunities for visitors to gain an appreciation for animals that have adapted to life in, and sometimes out of, the water.

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For more information about the museum, visit Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Photo courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History


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