Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Gecko Exhibition At Fernbank Museum Will Stick With Visitors

Geckos are endowed with charisma that makes them hard to ignore and naturally engaging. A single display in Fernbank Museum’s 2007 exhibition Lizards and Snakes: Alive! left visitors sticking around the habitat, locked in fascination by these mesmerizing creatures. Now, Fernbank Museum of Natural History will unveil a full exhibition dedicated to the world’s diverse species of lizards in Geckos—Tails to Toepads, opening May 28, 2010.

More than 1,100 species of geckos have conquered habitats that can range from balmy tropical beaches and lush rainforests to frigid mountain slopes and parched deserts. They range from shadowy nighttime hunters with unbelievable camouflage to neon-colored nectar eaters that dash around in daylight. Bulging eyes, night vision, ‘sticky’ toepads, squawking voices, and disposable body parts—welcome to a gecko’s world.

Geckos—Tails to Toepads is a traveling exhibition that introduces visitors to the remarkable diversity of these lizards with bold backlit graphics, engaging interactives and living examples from around the world. Lush, naturalistic habitats anchor the exhibition and draw audiences into the geckos’ realm. Visitors can experience gecko night vision, listen to gecko voices, learn unusual facts from gecko experts, try to spot camouflaged geckos, and build a custom gecko for various environments. The exhibition also presents cutting-edge science, from the race to catalog and classify gecko diversity to unraveling the mysteries of how geckos are such masters of adhesion.

For more information, visit Fernbank Museum of Natural History.


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