Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Apple Circus Returns To Stone Mountain Park!

The Big Apple Circus is returning to Stone Mountain Park from February 12 - 28, 2010.

Have you got your tickets yet?

Here's a quick preview of this year's show:

- From America, the long–awaited return of Bello Nock with his daredevil stunts and child–like humor!

- From Italy, the Curatola Brothers — delightful hand–to–hand acrobatic duo in an exciting act full of fun and fancy!

- From Italy, Luciano Anastasini and his Pound Puppies return for a joyously jumping mélange of human and canine acrobatics!

- From Russia, the Aniskin Troupe amaze with their bravura, athletic trampoline act — then soar into the Big Top stratosphere with their spectacular flying trapeze act!

- From Russia, lovely and graceful Regina Dobrovitskaya performs a shimmering spectacle on aerial silk ribbons!

- From America and Kazakhstan, equestrians Christine Zerbini and Sultan Kumisbayev present an electrifying riding act — standing atop galloping chargers, Roman–style!

- From Spain, Picaso Jr. returns with his sizzling style and extraordinary juggling act — puffing into the air up to five ping-pong balls simultaneously, and catching them — with his mouth!

- From China, the Long Twins astonish with their unbelievable comedy contortion act!

- From America, versatile and charming ringmaster Kevin Venardos presides over the “Welcome Back Bello” committee!

- From America, Barry Lubin, a.k.a. Grandma, contributes a paragon of love and laughter to the performance for another spectacular season!

- And, rounding out the cast, the incredible talents of Tetyana Levkova (Russia), Annelise Nock (America), and Big Apple Circus company members Andrey Mantchev (Bulgaria) and Valdis Yanovskis (Russia)

For dates, times and ticket information, visit Big Apple Circus.


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