Monday, November 30, 2009

The Music Man Plays At The Center Theatre

December 10, 12-13, 16-17, 19-20
The Music Man at Center Theatre

Center Theatre at the MJCCA presents a community production of the classic musical, The Music Man, directed by Dina Shadwell. The story follows a con man Harold Hill, who poses as a boys' band organizer and leader, sells band instruments and uniforms to naive townsfolk before skipping town with the cash. But in River City, Iowa, things go awry when he falls for Marian, a librarian he tries to divert from exposing him while he inadvertently enriches the town with a love of music.

The show’s one-of-a-kind nostalgic score includes rousing marches, barbershop quartets and sentimental ballads which have become popular standards.

For information and showtimes, visit Center Theatre.


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